Happy Clients

I am writing this reference letter of support on behalf of Mr. Peter Faminoff who I have had the privilege of knowing and working with as both a professional and friend.

I first met Peter when I enrolled in Class 1 driving training at Valley Driving School in 2000. Peter was not only my classroom theory instructor but I was fortunate enough to land him as my practical driving instructor as well. I found his instructional technique to be nothing short of professional, relevant and encouraging. Peter’s positive attitude, attention to detail and his fondness for teaching made him very sought after instructor at this driving academy. Because of his ‘student-first’ prioritization, I was fortunate enough to easily obtain my Class 1 designation in addition to the extra ‘real-world’ skills imparted above and beyond the teaching curriculum.

As a result, I remained in close contact with Peter over the years. I am a Sergeant with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and I have turned to Peter on a variety of special technical requests knowing that I could count on him to come through with his expertise sometimes in the middle of the night. This expertise has included technical know-how, safety precautions, logistical fortitude and technical familiarity.

I would like to highlight the fact that Peter has always placed emphasis on ‘helping others’; this mantra is certainly challenging to find within today’s workforce. I would best categorize Peter as a consummate professional with a keen attitude in helping others realize their full potential.

I am produce to consider Peter as both a friend, professional and community partner of the RCMP.


Our Happy Clients