Driving Simulator is a high teck sophisticated tool enhancing the learning process and enabling trainers, students and drivers to become more efficient and effective.

Simulator training at CDTC


  • Identify training needs out of traffic and harms way
  • Student concentrates on driving and not traffic
  • Identifies students learning characteristics
  • Enhance control of the learning process speeds up the process

Not Novice student has some experience: (Rookie):

  • Raise their skill level different driving situations
  • Review safety issues
  • Train for critical and rare driving events
  • Learn scenario programmability and versatility
    • Analyze complex driving tasks
    • Modify and improve efficiency
    • Introduce new technologies’, traffic and road configurations
    • Reconstruct actual crash scenarios
    • High quality feed back

Seasoned experience driver

  • Review actual driving fuel consumption
  • Different scenarios driving ie; heavy fog, heavy snow, ice, DUI ETC:
  • The trainer has first hand information on drivers reaction to adverse conditionsand all driving scenarios
  • Review critical and rare driving events


  • Increase cost -savings and safety
  • Higher quality feedback on driver performance
  • Reduces training costs
  • Able to detect, screen drivers capabilities.

Out primary goal At CDTC is to offer a one=stop facility for all driver needs. Novice, Rookie, Seasoned experience driver or fleets.

With this high teck sophisticated equipment we cover all areas of training from start to finish and the end product a highly skilled trained professional safe driver who has experienced failures, winter driving, jack knifing crashes roll over etc.. Different types of transmissions, auto shift all types, 9 /13 / 18 speed.


Cars, Police Cars, Vans, Firetrucks, All types of (9) trailers, Doubles
Different types of trucks.
We support the trainees and the seasoned drivers to have a pleasant experience with CDTC Driver Education and leave as better educated professional, safe driver. Our standard in the industry (above the norm) speaks for itself and we have just raised the standard a notch higher in a category above everyone else. CDTC is in a category by itself.

CDTC Mechanical Services
Professional Qualified Service TechniciansTotal Car/Van Care
By Appointment only

CDTC Mechanical Services (Specialized Services)
Specialize in Conversions for handicap controls
After service and repairs
Supply and Install Modified Controls
IE: Hand controls
Left foot controls
Complete total after Service
Service and repair tail gate lifts and side lifts

Total Vehicle (Car/ Van ) Superior service and after service
High quality of workman ship
Exceed expectation’s of customers (clients)
If it needs attention we will take care of it

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