Class 5/7 Car Training

One-on-one lessons in our vehicles are available for students who want to improve their driving skills. Our ICBC qualified Instructors will examine your driving habits and guide you in correcting your skills. We will also schedule and arrange the road test for you, at your request. We will customize drivers ed training for your individual needs.

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CDTC also offer Class 5/7 Graduated Licensing Program:

By successfully completing this ICBC approved driving course, you are eligible to receive:

  • A 6 month reduction in the novice stage of the Graduated Licensing Program
  • 2 High School Credits – The aim of this extensive training program is to reduce the number of crashes among new drivers by allowing them to gain experience gradually while being exposed to less risk. By integrating in-car and classroom learning experiences, students absorb the learning outcomes and are able to apply them while driving.

This program includes:

  • 12 hours of superior one-on-one on-road training
  • 17 hours – ICBC Approved GLP Classroom Course
  • 3 hour on-road Accident Prevention Course
  • The use of our car for your road test

GLP Approved Program Price … $995.00*

* GLP program exempt from HST. ICBC fees are not included in our price. (GLP) – ICBC Approved Complete Course