About Our Company

Columbia Driver Training Centre is a full-service driving school. The founder Peter Faminofff brings 35 years of instructor experience and the company continues the reputation the owner has set in the industry of the most respected driver training instructors in BC. CDTC has been training clients for over 30 years. We specialize in providing and customized training for all types of cliental. Disabilities which include onsite pickup and training and arranging for road tests at ICBC. Providing ongoing support for the entire family. Evaluation and training of drivers for fleets ( Cp Rail Maintance Division. Molson Brewers Distribution Centre, Landtran Logistics, City of New West Snow Plow training, RCMP Training for the Command Centre) seniors for their driving capabilities in car and truck. At CDTC we train tutor and support new immigrants. We are the only school in BC that has back up and resource for clients that English is not their primary language to help them pass the ICBC Knowledge and road tests. CDTC prepares young drivers, truck drivers and people with disabilities to learn to drive with confidence and professionalism.

All the programs are built around quality, professionalism and safety. Our vision is to be recognized, remembered and known as the most professional resourceful providers of driver training in BC and the acknowledged leader in teaching with heart. Our goal is to expand our services and create a total package for our clients. Truck driver clients when training completed expand our truck placement programmed. Disabilities from the initial assessment to training Road Test and then supply and install modifications to their vehicle. If need be supply wheel chair accessible Vans modified all this will be backed up with a fully qualified service shop life long after service support. Customer base will and is from the Private Sector, Work BC, Work Safe BC/ Alberta ICBC insurance and Private insurance. Our service will cover all of BC North South East and West and Alberta also.

We already have clients from Alberta and all of BC.  Capabilities (Challenge client to excel). Initial evaluations will be in simulators in a controlled environment testing and analyzing the client’s behavior and reaction.in real life driving scenarios.  Analysis head injuries, post-accident driving and other injuries. The client is not put into harm’s way in traffic and we build confidence in a controlled environment with different controls for the handicap. Final outcome; on road practice and retest at ICBC supply or modify vehicle as required Clients have their mobility and life back as normal as can be.  We have the after service in all aspects and retain the client for life.  Clients in many cases go back to work.

Strengthen and pursue partnership with strategic alliance and suppliers to expand the business in the handicap cap side total package will wheel chairs scooters etc.  Purse contracts with organizations need driver services on the simulators such as police departments, police in training, teens, high schools, trucking agencies (We already service numerous fleets), and rehab disability agencies.

We have vehicles to cover all aspects of training Truck Simulator State of the art Air Board and car simulator is in the works for regular clients and handicap.  The company will hold the shares, the leases, equipment, on the cars and trucks.  Our ultimate goal of the company is to offer a one-stop facility for all clients and create large revenue. The driving force and founder is Peter Faminoff with over 40 Years’ experience in the industry. He is expanding to create opportunities for clients in all walks of life to learn drive creating freedom and employment. We are constantly up dating and upgrading our programs. Our expansion goals are Victoria and Island, Kelowna Okanagan valley.  Our research shows a large seniors population and handicap market plus young drivers in both municipalities. Kelowna area will cover all of the Okanagan and Kootenays, satellite’s in Kelowna, Victoria with car handicap simulation.